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Work cage: safely go to height!

Get to the heights safely with a work cage. Some work on your premises or warehouse takes place at height. Here, you can use a work cage. This allows you to work comfortably, safely and flexibly without having to stand on a wobbly ladder. A work cage is approved for 1 or 2 persons. Our safety cages are an especially good aid when you need to work at height.

Want to know more about work cages? Then read on below.

What are work baskets used for?

Work baskets are used to move people including tools to difficult-to-reach areas in height. Here, you can think of assembly, repair or maintenance work. Maintenance work can include, for example, cleaning high windows or façade elements or pruning trees. Forklift safety cages are flexible in use.

What is compulsory when working with a safety cage?

To work with a work cage, there are a number of safety guidelines. This is because working with a work cage involves a number of risks. First of all, to be allowed to use a work cage, a special dispensation must be given by the Government Health and Safety Inspectorate. And only workers who are properly trained are allowed to use a work cage. Here, it is important that they work how to manage the risks of working in a work cage and in addition, they must know how to communicate with the crane operator or other staff members. Below is a list of general guidelines:

- Work cage fencing should be at least 1 metre high.
- No risers such as steps, ladders or other elevations should be used in a work cage.
- You must be able to communicate so good working walkie-talkies should be provided.
- The work cage should never be loaded beyond the maximum load.
- While lifting, workers must keep their hands and arms inside the work cage.
- There should always be eye contact between at least 1 worker from the work cage and the person driving the work cage.
- Workers must wear a safety helmet and safety gloves.


What height should safety cages not exceed?

The work cages in Kruizinga's range are optimised for use with a forklift truck. The maximum working height of the cage is the sum of the cage and the user/load and the corresponding maximum working height of the forklift truck.

Buying a work cage? Kruizinga helps you!

Are you interested in a work cage and want to buy a work cage? But do you still have questions about our range of safety cages or about 1 specific work cage? Then please contact us. One of our specialists will then help you make the right choice. By buying a work cage at Kruizinga, you are assured of the best price-quality ratio with a long service life


What is a work cage?

A work cage is a container that can be lifted by means of a crane. This allows you to reach the desired height for working in height. A work cage consists of a cage construction that is usually square-shaped.

What is a work cage most suitable for?

A work cage is used in practice for special constructions and buildings when no other means are available for working at the desired height. Think of work such as assembly, repair, or maintenance work. Only properly trained workers are allowed to use these.

Does Kruizinga also have used workbenches?

Kruizinga does not have any used work cages in its range. Would you like to know more about our used range? Then take a look at the generally used page.

Can you rent a work cage?

It is not possible to rent a work cage. However, at Kruizinga it is possible to hire other different products. These include rolling containers, pallet trucks, stacking bins, etc. Take a look at our hire page for more information about what you can hire from Kruizinga.

Does Kruizinga have other handy safety products?

Besides a work cage, Kruizinga also has other products in its range that you can use to ensure your safety. These include safety accessories, safety boxes, cleaning markings, safety mirrors, etc.