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Barrier tape and demarcation are indispensable for any company site and help to clearly mark and cordon off danger zones. There are many products that can be considered a barrier, for example barrier tape or bollards. By using barrier products you increase the safety of your staff. Large and heavy goods are often handled in logistics environments. With the right barrier, you can mark safe walkways and driveways and keep hazards to a minimum. Many of our products are suitable for temporary use, for example for events or to mark freshly painted equipment.


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Various demarcation products

To give a better insight into which demarcation products Kruizinga sells, we will we briefly walk you through the products that have everything to do with demarcation.


Barrier tapes

A barrier tape is a tape that is often used to indicate that a certain place is prohibited. An environment is literally ‘shielded’. For this reason, a barrier tape can also be seen as synonymous with a signaling tape or warning tape. At Kruizinga you can buy barrier tape in various types. For example, we sell a red and white barrier tape with a length of 500 metres. Or you can opt for a yellow-black barrier tape. This is also available with a length of 500 meters. Barrier tape 500 meters is sufficient for it to serve as road marking. Consider, for example, showing forklift traffic in a warehouse.


A red white barrier tape differs from a yellow black barrier tape in function. For example, a red/white barrier tape is often used in barriers related to ‘danger’. This means that it is absolutely off limits.


A black / yellow barrier tape is used more to warn people. The area is often not completely off limits, but employees should be aware that situations are not as usual.


Barrier posts

A barrier post is a barrier that is often used temporarily and through which, for example, a barrier tape can be wound. This ensures that you can easily and quickly decide for yourself which environment you want to demarcate. At Kruizinga we sell different types of barrier posts. For example, we sell a steel barrier post that can easily be placed in the ground due to a pointed bottom. This product is often used outdoors. We also offer a yellow or red stable barrier post. These products do not fall over quickly due to the weighted feet, making them perfect for use in environments such as a warehouse or in construction. Again the color red stands for ‘forbidden area’ and the yellow color stands for ‘warning’.


On one upright can be connected with a chain. These uprights are also called chain uprights and are provided with a foot containing concrete. We also sell impact protection at Kruizinga. These are poles that you have probably encountered on cycle paths and hiking trails. For example, it ensures that people keep walking or cycling to the left or right. In addition, it can also serve as a kind of warning to watch out for these places.


Products that you can use for terrain demarcation

There are also products with which you can easily cordon off an area. Think of a wall holder that already contains a pull strap. Other products with which you can cordon off an area are barrier gates, crush barriers, barriers and height limiters.


Barriers and height limiters

A height limiter occurs in the same kind of environments as a barrier. For example, think of a parking lot, a carpool place or other locations where vehicles occur. With a height limiter, a kind of pole is installed in the height that ensures that a vehicle of a certain size cannot pass through it. A barrier, on the other hand, initially stops any vehicle. 


Buy demarcation? Kruizinga helps you! 

By purchasing demarcation from Kruizinga, you know that you are purchasing from experts. Firstly, we have been a supplier of storage and transport equipment for more than 60 years, and it is also a great advantage that we also use safety and marking products when storing our goods. This way we know exactly what works for your business environment. Need help? Please contact us.


What is demarcation?

Demarcation is used to indicate danger zones and to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the premises. Think of barrier tape, warning signs and/or posts.

Can I also buy used demarcation?

In addition to new demarcation products, it is also possible to buy used demarcation products. Please note that our used range changes continuously. On this day, 1 product can be present and the other day it can be sold out. If you would like to know more about our used range, view our used page.