Protective equipment

Protective equipment -

Personal protection in and around your work environment

In a business environment, it is important that you and your employees are protected against various viruses that can occur. You can purchase all kinds of protective equipment from Kruizinga for this purpose. With these resources you try to reduce the risk of spreading various viruses.


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The different types

Kruizinga believes it is important to set a good example in the world of storage and transport equipment. For this reason, it was decided to provide the logistics industry with the demand for protective equipment. Below will be briefly explained which products Kruizinga offers.


Face protection

There are several types of protective equipment for your face. For example, we sell face protection that is attached to a cap. This product can be used in schools, healthcare institutions, shops, offices or hairdressers.


Workplace shielding

When you work in the office, it is currently important that you shield your workplace to guarantee 1.5 meters. As an employer, you can shield a workplace by purchasing a prevention screen. For example, we sell an office prevention screen made of foil that can be attached to the platform. This is how you create a demarcation of workplaces.


Have more We also have a splash prevention screen for sale that you can install on a table trolley. Because you can roll a table trolley, it ensures that you as an employer can efficiently and quickly determine for yourself what you want to use the prevention screen for. Consider, for example, organizing a meeting with several people.


Other protective equipment

In addition to face protection and workplace shielding, you can also purchase other protective equipment at Kruizinga. For example, you can buy stickers to mark places where people may or may not walk. Or barrier posts to shield areas.


Buy protective equipment? Kruizinga helps you!

Would you like to buy protective equipment, but do you still need help purchasing it? No problem! Our specialists are ready to help you with this. Contact them easily. By purchasing protective equipment from Kruizinga you are assured of the best price/quality ratio.