Traffic marking

Traffic marking -

Road marking for more visibility for safety!

A road marking is visible information that you can find on roads . In recent years it has become increasingly busy on the road and it is therefore important to create order for road users. After all, a clear road layout ensures that there is a lesser chance of accidents. Road markings can come in various forms. Think of a traffic cone, safety fence, threshold plate and a product for marking such as road paint. Often the products for road marking can be found on construction sites, highways, footpaths, cycle paths and parking locations.


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Traffic marking street marker flexible plastic pin - 460 mm high
From € 37,45
23 July delivered
Traffic marking street marker traffic cone, 350 mm high
From € 13,45
23 July delivered



The different types

Kruizinga has a wide range of road markings. Below we will discuss a number of categories. This way you can get an insight into which products occur in which environments.


Traffic cone

Traffic cones are cones that appear in many situations to indicate that people should pay attention. At Kruizinga you can choose from red/white safety cones or yellow/red traffic cones. In addition, you can also determine how high a traffic cone should be. You can choose from a traffic cone of 350 mm high to a traffic cone of 500 mm high. Traffic cones are often used in traffic to indicate dangerous situations. For this it is best to choose a cone with reflective bands. This makes the pawn visible both during the day and in the dark. In addition, the pawns can also be found on sports fields, in schools or on construction sites.


Safety fences

Safety fences, also known as crush barriers, are fences that indicate that people are not allowed to enter a certain area. A safety fence can be found on roads, construction sites, but can also be found at parties and festivals. At Kruizinga we have different types of safety gates in our range. For example, one crush barrier is characterized by reflectors on the top. Another safety fence is characterized by the fact that it can be folded and has a striking red/white colour. Finally, Kruizinga also has a fixed steel crush barrier in its range.


Thresholds to slow down vehicles

There are different types of thresholds associated with the topic of road marking. Think of rubber thresholds, cable thresholds or plastic thresholds. Thresholds can have various purposes. For example, a plastic threshold is often used in parking garages or roads. The threshold ensures that the road user sees that he has to slow down. A cable threshold is made of the material rubber. The product is therefore also called a rubber threshold. In the threshold there is a kind of 'secret compartment' in which cables can be safely hidden.


Buy road marking? Kruizinga helps you!

By buying road markings from Kruizinga, you know that you are buying from experts. Firstly, we have been a supplier of storage and transport equipment for more than 60 years, and it is also a great advantage that we also use safety and marking products when storing our goods. This way we know exactly what works for your business environment. Need help? Please contact us.