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Stackable wire baskets in all shapes and sizes

At Kruizinga we have a wide range of stackable wire baskets, also called wire baskets, dump baskets or stacking baskets. You can use a wire basket when storing goods, which creates a contribution of an overview at a location.

Whereas one stackable wire basket is characterized by its wheels, another contains handles or a grab opening. Stacking baskets are very face for internal transport, displaying goods or for store display.


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Different types of wire baskets

At Kruizinga, we have a large selection of different types of wire baskets. Wire baskets can consist of different sizes and materials. These properties also often determine the applications for which a wire basket is used. One feature that always recurs with a wire basket is its open structure. This ensures that the contents are visible. In addition, the/our wire baskets are made of metal or iron.


The different types of stackable wire baskets are discussed below:


Stacking basket with grab opening

Stackable wire baskets are ideal for grab stock in wholesalers, stores or warehouses. The grab opening allows you to easily and quickly access the goods inside the wire basket. Stackable wire baskets with grab opening often feature one adjustable divider shot, allowing you to distinguish two or more different products from each other in one wire basket. You can find this in the specifications of the product. Is there no divider shot standard with the product? Then you can order it separately. This can be found under accessories or at the bottom of the product under "this product is compatible with".


Wire basket on wheels

A wire basket on wheels is, as the name suggests, a wire basket on wheels. This allows you to easily move it from location. Think for example of wire baskets that are outside and when the store closes this week must be rolled inside. These wire baskets are on 3 or 4 wheels. Wire baskets on wheels can have a round or square shape. The wire baskets made of metal or iron are strong in material, allowing you to put and transport various goods such as products or sporting goods in them. It is also possible to adjust the height of the bottom. They are also called dump baskets. Dump baskets you can also come across on sports fields or gymnasiums to transport balls, for example.


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What is a stackable wire basket?

When you walk through a store, you often see iron bins where various items are stored. These are called stackable wire baskets. A stackable wire basket is a basket made of steel or metal. It is a multifunctional basket that you can use in any space.

What is a stackable wire basket most suitable for?

Due to the open structure of the stackable wire baskets, the contents are clearly visible, which ensures a clear presentation of the products and components. A stackable wire basket is widely used for storing various items. The gripping opening allows you to easily grab the products from the wire baskets. You will find them in for example: stores, wholesalers, hospitals, nursing homes but also storage rooms.

Does Kruizinga also have used stackable wire baskets?

Kruizinga has not only new stackable wire baskets but also used stackable wire baskets. The assortment in used goods is constantly changing at Kruizinga. New used products may come online every day. If you want a used stackable wire basket check out our used wire baskets. Want to know more about our used assortment? Then take a look at the general of our used products.

Can you also rent a wire basket?

At the moment it is not possible to rent a stackable wire basket at Kruizinga. Wondering what rental options you do have at Kruizinga? Then check out our rental page for more information.

Does Kruizinga also have other handy stackable products?

Besides stackable wire baskets, Kruizinga also has other handy stackable products. For example: storage bin plastic, storage bin steel, top rim, stacking bin plastic, stacking bin steel, stacking racks, gitterboxes, construction storage pallet.