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Ramps are indispensable when driving your car, motorbike or other heavy machine onto an elevation. However, if you need to move your wheelchair or mobility scooter over a raised threshold, is also the right place to go to. We have a wide range of highly robust ramps. For more information, use our help desk or contact us for personalised advice. Please enter the required values here. The results shown are based on the following calculation. In most cases, we recommend a maximum gradient of 30% for standard ramps. Formula: Ramp height (cm) divided by the maximum gradient angle (30) x 100 = length of the ramp.

* the image is for illustration purposes only, it is also suitable for other types of ramps!

Smart choices

Which ramp should I choose?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a ramp for motorbikes, wheelchairs, goods or other items. As mentioned above, the length of the motorbike ramp, wheelchair ramp and others is the first criterion to determine. Next, you need to consider the width of your ramp. If you need to accommodate a wheelchair in a disabled car, the wheelchair ramp will need to be longer than if it is just a ramp to allow a car to pass. Then there are features that can also be practical, for example a folding ramp has the advantage of being easier to transport and taking up little space when stored. So a folding ramp is also ideal for wheelchairs. You should also opt for non-slip ramps to avoid accidents, regardless of their size and shape. For professionals, it is practical to choose a lightweight removable ramp, such as an aluminium ramp, as you may need to move it regularly for loading and unloading. Aluminium or steel ramps are the most common.


Which ramp for which use.

A motorbike ramp, for example, will be straight and relatively narrow to get your two-wheeled vehicle onto a trailer in a truck or into a room. But when it comes to a ramp for a trailer or wheelchair, you will need a much wider ramp.

If you need to load a container, a wide loading ramp may be suitable if it offers a good width and sufficient height. Again, choosing a mobile loading ramp can be the perfect solution. Moreover, the ramp should be adapted to the solutions you need it for. If you use it for emptying wheelbarrows, then it does not need to be very specific, but if you need to load machinery, then you need one that is strong and consists of two parts. So a folding loading ramp would not be ideal. It is also possible to choose a cable barrier that allows larger or smaller cables to pass through. This prevents a vehicle from driving over a cable and risking breaking these cables.


Why use a folding or fixed ramp?

Using a motorbike ramp, trailer ramp and others is very practical in many solutions, both for private and professional use. Whether you use it for the logistics part of your business, for work at home, for your outdoor area or others, your tasks will be simplified. After all, it is unthinkable to lift a full wheelbarrow, a motorbike, a construction machine or any other machine by hand onto a trailer, a platform or an elevated workshop/warehouse. This preserves your physical health and allows you to continue working undisturbed.


A wheelchair ramp is an essential item for people with limited mobility and those who accompany them. It makes it easier to drive in and out of vans, over doorways and up stairs. Wheelchair access is therefore unrestricted everywhere, provided you have the right tool in your home.


Buying a ramp? Kruizinga helps you!

Do you want to buy a ramp but don't quite know which one is best for you and your work? No problem! Our specialists will help you. Simply contact them for this and they will help you further. By buying a ramp at Kruizinga, you are assured of the best price/quality ratio.


Can I buy used ramps at Kruizinga?

At Kruizinga you can buy second-hand ramps. You can find these when you filter the article classification on the left side of the site by "used". We also sell all kinds of other second-hand products. You can read more about these on our used page.