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Cargo lashings -

Transport safely with lashing straps!

Kruizinga has various types of lashing straps in its assortment. These include 2-part lashing straps, ratchet lashing straps, self-retracting lashing straps and various accessories! Lashing straps are used for many applications such as securing materials or cargo. Think of cargo securing on trucks, trailers, trailers, or for example roll containers.

At Kruizinga you can buy new or used lashing straps. More information? Read more below.

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How does a lashing strap work?

It is important to know how a lashing strap works, because it is enlightened to secure goods when transporting them. A tarpaulin or net over the goods is not enough. With a lashing strap you can secure the load and transport it safely.

To use a 1-piece lashing strap, make sure you have the right strap for transporting the load. In doing so, check that the strap is sturdy enough and that the buckle or hook is in good condition. Next, place the load on the vehicle or pallet you want to transport with and make sure the load is stable. Next, wrap the lashing strap around the load so that the load is stable. Then close the lashing strap with buckle or lashing strap with hook and check that it is secure.

With 2-piece lashing straps, it is important to note that there are 2 different ratchets. Push ratchets are the most common. By making an upward pushing movement these ratchets tighten. There are also ergo ratchets or pull ratchets. These ratchets tighten the strap by making a pulling movement. This takes less force than with a push ratchet because here you can use your whole body. Ergo ratchets are only used with lashing straps of 5 tons and above.


The different types

There are different types of lashing straps available at Kruizinga. For example, there are lashing straps specially designed for heavy loads, but also for transporting light loads. There are also lashing straps suitable for special applications, such as transporting vehicles. It is important to choose the right lashing strap for your application to prevent the load from shifting or falling over during transport. Below is a list of the various types Kruizinga has in its range:


Cargo strap

A car transport lashing strap prevents damage to tires, rims and bodywork. These lashing straps are specially designed for transporting cars on trailers or trucks. They are used to hold cars in place during transport.


Car transport straps are made of sturdy material such as nylon or polyester. In addition, they have a metal buckle or hook and have additional attachment points, such as hooks or eyes.

Self-retracting lashing strap

Self-retracting lashing straps are straps that automatically retract when not in use. This makes it easier when you need to store the strap again. This type usually consists of 2 separate parts. They are made of nylon or polyester which makes the strap sturdy, and have a hook or metal buckle.

Ratchet strap

These lashing straps contain only a ratchet mechanism. Ratchets provide a leverage effect thereby helping to regulate tension on the strap.

Lashing straps with hook

These are lashing straps that have a metal or plastic hook at the end of the strap. This hook is used to attach the strap to an attachment point, such as a vehicle or pallet.


In addition, lashing straps come in different lengths and widths. Common widths for lashing straps are 50 mm and common length is 10 meters.


2-part lashing strap

A 2-part lashing strap is a strap consisting of 2 separate parts. These straps are often used for transporting loads that are difficult to carry with a single strap. Think of loads with variable shapes.

Various accessories

It is also possible to order various accessories with a lashing strap. Do you want your strap to be undamaged? Then choose a corner protection. This prevents the strap from being abraded when transporting products. You can also buy various tie rails from Kruizinga, which allow you to easily mount your lashing straps on the strip. These locking strips can be mounted on for example a wall, floor or roof.

Need to buy lashing straps? Kruizinga helps you!

Do you want to buy a lashing strap but you are not sure which type fits best? Please contact one of our specialists. They will help you make the right choice. When you buy a lashing strap from Kruizinga, you are assured of the best quality/price ratio.


What is a lashing strap?

A lashing strap is a type of belt or strap used to secure something. It is often used to transport loads on pallets or vehicles, for example. The purpose of a lashing strap is to prevent the load from shifting or falling over during transport.

What lashing straps do I need?

The lashing straps you need depend on several factors. These include: the type of load, the weight of the load, the dimensions of the load, what are you transporting it with and what environment the load is being transported in. To get answers to these questions, it is best to contact one of our specialists.

How much can a lashing strap handle?

The maximum load capacity of a lashing strap depends on several factors, for example: the width, the thickness and the material of the strap. A standard lashing strap usually has a maximum load capacity of between 250 and 5000 kg. Please note that this is only a guideline and you should always consult the specific recommendation on the strap.

How old can a strap be?

It is generally recommended that a webbing strap not be used for more than 5 years, as the strength of a webbing strap can decrease over time due to aging, exposure to weather conditions or wear and tear. It is important to always inspect your lashing strap before use to make sure it is still usable. If you have any doubts, it is best to contact a specialist.

How does a ratchet strap work?

The ratchet mechanism of a ratchet strap makes transporting and securing the load easier and more efficient. A ratchet strap is a type of lashing strap that contains a built-in mechanism that allows for quick and easy tightening and loosening. You use a ratchet strap by first opening the lever or knob around the ratchet and releasing the strap. Then place the load and close the ratchet again by tightening the lever or knob, tightening the strap securely.

How can you loosen lashing straps?

There are several ways to loosen a lashing strap. It all depends on what type of lashing strap you have. There are manual lashing straps, ratchet straps or lashing straps with a clamp. Ratchet straps are shown above how to loosen them. Manual lashing straps require you to manually loosen the strap by relaxing the strap and then releasing the end of the strap from the lashing point. For lashing straps with a clamp, you can release the strap by opening the clamp and then pulling the strap free.

Does Kruizinga also rent lashing straps?

It is currently not possible to rent a lashing strap at Kruizinga. Are you curious which products you can rent at Kruizinga? Take a look at our rental page.

What is the delivery time of a strap?

Delivery time of a lashing strap may vary. If a strap is in stock, the delivery time is approx. 8 working days. Please note that holidays can affect the delivery time.