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Choose the right accessories for your tipper!

When using a self-tipping or hopper barge , depending on the products you use, something may be missing. Consider, for example, a tilting container lid. That is why it is important that you consider whether you need a lid when purchasing a self-tipper. When purchasing such accessories, it is important to carefully check whether the item is suitable for the model you have. With our products we mention on the site, for example “this article can be combined with”. Here you can easily see which accessories are suitable for your product.


View the range of read below for more information.

The different types of tilting container accessories

At Kruizinga we have a number of types of tilting container accessories in the range. Think of: lids, traverse or traverse supports. When buying your accessories for your tipping container, make sure that you choose the right one for the type of tipping container you have. Kruizinga will help you!

Would you like to buy a tipping container accessory, but do you still have questions? Simply contact our specialists and they will help you make your choice. By purchasing tipping bucket accessories at Kruizinga you are assured of the best price/quality ratio.


Can I buy used tipping bucket accessories at Kruizinga ?

At the moment it is not possible to purchase used tipping container accessories at Kruizinga. When you click on the left side of the website under article classification “use” we have used tilting container accessories in our range again. Would you like to know more about our used range? Take a look at our used page.