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Need a tipping container? Diverse range of tilting containers at Kruizinga!

Kruizinga offers a wide range of tipping and tipping containers. Our range consists of: Tilting bucket accessories, tipping bucket and self-tipping buckets, bottom unloader and tilting bucket shovel. In most cases, the bins are operated with a forklift truck. But we also have tippers for sale on wheels. This makes it possible to push and tip the container. In addition, we sell our tippers in new, used and as a custom solution. Need help purchasing the right tipping container? Check out our decision aid page.

The different types

Within the range of tilting containers you will find various types as mentioned above. Below we briefly explain what you can expect in the groups.


Tilting container accessories

Within the range of tilting container accessories you can find various accessories. Think of a lid or a traverse.


Tilt bucket used

At Kruizinga we have various second-hand tipping buckets in our range. These are different versions that have come in as used or tippers that have been damaged during transport.


Tipping container

A tipper is a type of tipper container used to transport or store materials such as garbage, soil or waste. Tipping skips are widely used in construction, agriculture and waste processing.


Bottom unloader

A bottom unloader is a type of container where the bottom can be opened to unload the contents. You can lift and move these containers using a forklift truck.

Tilting bucket Shovel bucket

Move materials easily with a tilt bucket shovel bucket. This is often used in combination with a forklift truck and construction site or workshops. They are ideal bulk containers for various loose materials. This way you do not have to purchase a separate shovel, but you can also scoop up sand, for example, with a forklift truck and a shovel bucket.


Buy a tilting container? Kruizinga helps you!

Would you like to buy a type of tipping container or a tipping container forklift, but do you have any questions about this? Simply contact one of our specialists! They will be happy to help you choose the right tipper.