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What is a hopper?

A hopper is a type of container whose bottom can be opened to unload the contents. Using the forks of a forklift truck, the loading box is lifted and moved to dump the products placed in it at the desired location or container. This is very convenient as it empties quickly and effortlessly. A bottom unloader is used to fill the container and then the bottom is manually loosened by a cable to empty it.


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Why a hopper trailer?

A container with an open bottom is often used in combination with a forklift truck or lifting frame to store and then dump waste or materials. It is therefore a frequently used product for sorting your waste in your warehouse or workshop. In addition, the container can also be used with a forklift truck, as it can be strapped to the forks of a forklift truck. There are many industries that use this type of product, such as waste collection and treatment centers, building materials companies and construction enterprises. With an open-bottom tipper you can be sure that no time is lost unloading your goods.


Choose hopper barge

The first step in choosing your hopper barge is deciding what shape it should be. Then you need to decide on the load capacity to make sure it is suitable for your goods. Once you've established these criteria, you'll have a better idea of the solution you need. Next, you need to decide whether your hopper barge should have solid sides or mesh sides. The second solution is interesting if you work with different types of products, so that you know which goods are in the lower bin of your lift truck. Finally, choose different colors if you're using more than one, so you can distinguish them at a glance.


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Can I buy used hopper barges at Kruizinga?

You can buy used hopper barges at Kruizinga. Keep in mind that when used on=op applies. So don't wait too long when you see a used hopper barge that you want to buy. Would you like more information about Kruizinga and our used range? Check out our used page for more information about this.