Ascension Day and the Friday after (May 26 and 27) Kruizinga will be closed. Collection is not possible at our location in Wapenveld.

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Mesh Stillages fixed construction stackable parcel offer New
€ 907,75 € 730,62 More info
From 900,37 with delivery
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L: 1200, W: 800, H: 150 (mm)
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From 215,50 with delivery
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-10% Stacking box plastic stackable all walls closed New
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Till-5% acces ramps treshold plate aluminium foldable 120 cm with 2 free cargo lashings New
L: 1220, W: 735, H: 70 (mm)
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Pallet truck standard fork length 1150 mm lifting height 85-200 mm New
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-35% Cabinet material cabinet 2 doors Used
W: 1000, D: 500, H: 1980 (mm)
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-30% Cabinet locker cabinet 5 doors (cylinder lock) Used
W: 400, D: 500, H: 1800 (mm)
€ 516,75 € 269,68 More info
From 401,18 with delivery
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Till-3% Stacking rack mobile storage rack TÜV with 4 stanchions from 1680 mm New
L: 1530, W: 1165, H: 1725 (mm)
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Till-10% Warehouse trolley Kongamek order picking trolley with 3 shelves New
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with delivery
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Stacking box plastic pallet tender walls + floor perforated New
€ 564,75 € 410,40 More info
From 543,15 with delivery
Till-10% Warehouse trolley Kongamek Fetra shelved trolley with 3 shelves New
L: 1000, W: 290, H: 1140 (mm)
€ 588,- € 529,20 More info
with delivery

Kruizinga, Your full range supplier for Transport and material Handling equipment

A concept for more then 60 years is able to supply a wide range of storage systems and transportation equipment for all branches of industry.


In addition to a wide range of standard products, is also able to supply customized solutions. They are produced in modern, well equipped factories, in a socially responsible and sustainable way.


We are always able to provide you with a product that perfectly fits your material handling and your production and logistic processes. The foundations for were laid about 60 years ago, when W. Kruizinga started a construction company / machine works in 1960.


Particularly the production of box pallets and cold storage warehouses led to a specialization in storage equipment. 

Largest internet shop

In the last few years, the company continued to develop in that direction, which clearly shows from our substantial delivery programme.


Some examples are stacking boxes, containers, access ramps, box pallets, cabinets, shelving, transport trolleys, pallet trucks en sack trucks.


In the last few years has grown to become Europe's largest internet shop in this field. Of course, the website plays a central part in this. The website is continuously updated and improved and offers clever ways to easily find your way in our wide range.


The order procedure is also very handy. accommodates companies with inexpensive and flexible solutions. For example, most products can be supplied new and used, and you are often able to choose between steel or plastic. Moreover, most material handling equipment can be bought or rented. 

Excellent concept manufactures in modern factories and the highly qualified staff guarantee constant quality and reliability.


But does not stop here, because both when making the best choice and after delivery, you can count on our professional support and technically sound recommendations.


At, we understand that you want your order to arrive as quickly as possible. That’s why we have a large part of our range in stock at our Wapenveld site. This enables us to deliver your order as soon as possible.


Thanks to this excellent concept, will provide you with material handling equipment that perfectly suits your products, wishes and requirements. 

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