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In this group you will find waste bag holders for wall and floor mounting. Without realizing it, we see waste bag holders and waste bag stands every day. This product allows you to keep a garbage bag open so that you can throw waste into it. It is possible to use a standing waste bag or a wall-mounted waste bag holder, both indoors and outdoors. Practical and easy to use. Ideal for professional applications for municipalities, restaurants and large companies.


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Different types of waste bag holders

There are several reasons to use a garbage bag holder. Below we tell you more about the various versions that Kruizinga has in its range.


The removable holder

The removable or mobile garbage bag solution is practical for cleaning companies, restaurant kitchens or city cleaning services. These are indeed activities where moving with a not too heavy bucket saves time and simplifies everyday life. In warehouses, a movable waste bag holder is useful for storing workbenches and waste at the end of the day, so that the warehouse is clean and tidy the next day. Garbage bags are also useful for events as they are easy to transport, store and empty.


The outdoor and indoor fixed garbage bag holder

The outdoor and indoor fixed garbage bag holder can be used in many places. However, the wall-mounted or free-standing waste bag is usually found outside or in ventilated areas. This type of bin is usually placed in streets, bus stops, train stations and platforms, but also near sports centers and many others. Installing a fixed waste bag holder or waste bag stand can also be a solution for a more stylish and aesthetic waste bin.


Benefits of a waste bag holder

The big advantage of a waste bag holder is that you can see at a glance whether the bag is full or not, and it is very easy to put the bag on the outer or inner holder to exchange. If you look at our range, you will see that there are many different wall and floor waste bags in terms of material, shape and frame. In addition, you do not have to worry about fraying garbage bags or the bag falling over.


Applications of waste bag holders

With a waste bag holder you can You can choose from different materials or sizes, so there is always a waste bag holder that meets your wishes and needs. In addition, they are suitable for many applications. You will see them in private homes or on company and industrial sites.


Selection aid waste bag holder

If you have a waste bag holder in mind, it is it is important to keep a few points in mind. For example:


  • - The size of your garbage bags
  • - The user goal
  • - Indoor or outdoor use


You can contact Kruizinga for advice when choosing a waste bag holder. It is easy to contact one of our specialists for this.  


Buy waste bag holder

Kruizinga offers excellent service and quality when you buy a waste bag from us. This assures you of a good purchase. Garbage bag holders are an efficient and hygienic solution for storing garbage. Buy your waste bag holder now and experience the benefits.


Does Kruizinga have used waste bag holders?

In addition to new waste bag holders, it is also it is possible that Kruizinga has second-hand waste bag holders in its range. You can find this under the heading article classification. When it says used here, we have used garbage bag holders in stock. If this is not there, they are up at that moment. Would you like to know more about buying used products from Kruizinga? Check out our used page.