Roll cage

Roll cage -

You can buy roll containers for many applications at Kruizinga!

Roll containers, the trolleys suitable for the distribution of goods, are a frequently sold product within the Kruizinga range! Roll containers come in different shapes and sizes, so indispensable in many business environments! We have a wide variety of trolleys. Which are available in the materials plastic, wood and steel. With braked or unbraked wheels. Or variable in number of walls.

Do you want to buy a new or used roll container? Or do you want to temporarily rent a roll container? We at Kruizinga are happy to help you. For example, we supply order picking trolleys, iso containers, furniture or couch trolleys, clothing roll containers, anti-theft roll carts or simply a 2-sided, 3-sided or 4-sided roll container for distribution.

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Large assortment of roll containers, which one is most suitable for you?

At Kruizinga we have a wide range of roll containers. A roll container is available in different shapes and sizes. Examples of this are furniture transport trolley, package trolley, clothing roll container and the thermo container. The roll containers differ, for example, in terms of material, size and load capacity. A distinction can also be made between open and closed models. That is why the trolleys can be used for various purposes. Making a choice can therefore be difficult, we are happy to share our knowledge about roll containers in our range with you.


Standard distribution roll containers

Do you need a means of transport to transport your goods and are there many activities related to logistics or distribution in your area? Then a 2-side, 3-side or 4-side roll container is perfect for this! Kruizinga has these types of roll containers available from stock in various sizes, materials and types of wheels.


Anti-theft roll containers

Safe transport of valuable goods? That is possible with an anti-theft roll container!
These roll containers are available with different bases, but they mainly differ from the other roll containers because they are completely lockable. Indispensable in places such as airports, fairs, schools, clothing stores where the safety of valuable goods, both large and small, is not always guaranteed.

Clothes roll container

Did you know that a clothes rack is basically a storage place for clothes? It offers the perfect solution for transporting, sorting or presenting clothing. Clothing racks are therefore often used in environments such as retail, clothing stores or other public areas.

Furniture transport trolley

Furniture transport trolley, also called furniture trolley, is a roll container that you can use to transport large and small furniture. This car is widely used in furniture stores, transport companies and moving companies. The roll containers can have a wooden or steel base and are available in different sizes

Sofa trolleys

Another type of roll container is a couch trolley. Sofa trolleys offer a perfect solution for transporting sofas or other furniture. You often see this product in environments such as furniture stores, transport or moving companies. It is therefore a product that is suitable for both companies and individuals.


Thermo container

A thermo container, also known as an ISO container, is a roll container that can be used to transport products that need to be kept cool. The trolleys are made of steel, which makes them strong and can take a beating. The advantage of a thermo container is that the contents remain perfectly cool, without the need for an installation. This is due to the insulation layer that is located in the refrigerated container.

Order picking trolleys

An order picking trolley is a roll container that is suitable for different work areas. It is possible to set it up all by yourself according to your wishes. You can choose the number of floors yourself by placing removable and adjustable shelves in these roll containers. In addition, these roll containers are very sturdy, because the trolley has a steel bottom.


Parcel trucks

If you want to move 1 or more parcels or other goods safely and easily, you can opt for a parcel trolley. Parcel carts are ideal for almost all industries such as healthcare, media, education, transportation and more. These carts are available in various models, such as open and lockable carts.

Laundry roll container

Looking for a roll container for the laundry, for example in a hotel or hostel? Our laundry trolleys are of high quality and have a different function than normal trolleys. A laundry trolley has been developed to transport large quantities of laundry and linen. The carts are available in different designs and heights.

Various dimensions roll container

In addition to all the different types of roll containers, there are also different dimensions of roll containers. Think of a roll container small, or roll container large. As an example, a 2-sided roll container, which is available in a height of 1700 mm or 1500 mm. For all roll container dimensions, it is best to look at the subgroup of the type of roll container you are looking for.


Buy roll container? Kruizinga helps you!

Would you like to buy roll containers but you are not sure which type of roll container best suits you and your activities? No problem, you can easily contact our specialists. They are happy to help you with the roll container ordering process! When you choose to purchase a roll container from Kruizinga, you are guaranteed a sustainable investment with a long service life, our trolleys are also available quickly and have a good quality/price ratio.