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Wide range of IBC tanks at Kruizinga

IBC containers, also known as Intermediate Bulk Containers or liquid tanks, are great for storing and transporting large quantities of liquids. These practical and robust containers are available in various sizes, including an IBC tank 1000 litres. When you want to buy a liquid container, it is important to decide in advance how you want to use it. For instance, an IBC is available with various inspections, adapters or in combination with pallets. Furthermore, at Kruizinga you can buy new, used and custom-made IBCs.

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Smart choices

Different types of IBCs

Liquid tanks can vary in material, volume, litres and colour. IBC containers are usually made of plastic with a steel frame around it. You can buy an IBC with a capacity of 600 litres, 800 or 1000 litres from Kruizinga. It is also possible to choose foodstuffs containers to store foodstuffs correctly. For storing water, the 1000 litre water container is most often chosen, but when the IBC container is used for storing other goods, a 1000 litre IBC container is also often preferred.


Filling openings

Furthermore, you can also make a choice based on the filling aperture. At Kruizinga, you have a choice of an IBC container with a 115 mm fill opening, a 150 mm fill opening, a 225 mm fill opening for an IBC or a 240 mm fill opening.


An IBC container can also be UN-approved. A UN certification for these IBC 's means that you are allowed to transport and store hazardous substances. After all, you must comply with an ADR regulation to do so. Of course, it is important that you comply with other national or international legislation.

Undercarriage of an IBC

The base of an IBC can consist of various types of materials. You can opt for a wooden pallet, a plastic pallet or a steel pallet. A wooden base is the cheapest alternative and is often used in the transport world. A plastic base is easier to clean and often suitable for the food industry. Finally, a steel base is characterised by the fact that the material is easy to clean and impact-resistant. This type is also common in the food industry. Think for example of the catering industry or factories where food is made. Furthermore, at Kruizinga we have a choice between a black IBC container and a white IBC container.

Advantages of IBC tanks

IBC containers have many advantages. One of the biggest advantages is their large capacity, which makes them suitable for storing and transporting large quantities of liquids. They also have a long lifespan because they are durable and made of long-lasting materials.

Applications of IBC tanks

IBC containers are used in many different applications. These include:

Storing fuels, water, foodstuffs, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. In addition, you often come across them in industry, agriculture, cleaning and even in private purposes such as water troughs for horses. You can also use IBC containers for other purposes. 

Selection guide for IBC tanks

When choosing an IBC tank, also known as a liquid container, it is important to consider strength, material and capacity. Kruizinga has a wide range of IBC containers, so you are sure to find the right container for your purpose. Need help making your choice? Then easily contact one of our specialists.

Buy IBC containers

You can buy high-quality IBC containers at low prices from Kruizinga. In addition, Kruizinga offers excellent service with your purchase, so you can be sure you get the right product. We also offer fast and reliable shipping, so you can use your IBC containers quickly.


What accessories can be used with IBC tanks?

There are several accessories to name for an IBC. For example, you can think of an electro pump, screw cap, an adapter and a spanner top cap.

At Kruizinga, we sell four different types of electro pumps, namely: an electro pump basic set, an all-round set, a chemistry set and an exclusive set. You choose your electropump based on the goods that will be stored in the tank.

Besides electro pumps, adapters are mainly purchased when buying an IBC container. An IBC adapter is a transition coupling of thread thickness. If you would like more information on this, you can call on our sales staff for this. They can help you find exactly the right adapter.


What does UN approved mean with an IBC tank?

UN approval is a process by which packaging materials, such as IBC tanks, are tested to determine whether they comply with international safety and environmental requirements for the transport of hazardous materials. It is a mandatory process for packaging equipment used for the transport of hazardous materials via ships, trains, planes and trucks.