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Roll goods away easily with hand trucks!

Kruizinga has a wide range of hand trucks. A hand truck is also called a trolley. By means of the scoop of the cart, you can easily get under a product so you can lift it. In addition, a hand truck has air tires or solid rubber tires so you can easily move.


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The different types

Kruizinga has different types of hand trucks in its product range. Hand trucks have been a staple in logistics environments such as warehouses and distribution centers for many years. The hand trucks can vary in load capacity, material type, height or application. In this paragraph we will briefly name the different types of handcarts:


Stairway trucks

Kruizinga has a large assortment in stair step trucks. A stair push trolley is also called a stair runner trolley. It is a hand truck designed to transport products up and down stairs. The wheels on the two sides of the stair runner truck ensure this. Because of this specific feature, you will see the stair runner hand truck used a lot, for example, in office buildings with multiple floors, or the stair runner hand truck is used in removals. Often these hand trucks also have a large load capacity. Machines, televisions, etc. can thus be easily placed in the house at the desired location.


In addition to the manual stair stepper, we also sell electric stair stealers at Kruizinga. These electric stair runner stitchers contain an electric motor and with it can make 17/34 steps per minute.


Gas bottle trolley

A gas bottle trolley is used for (gas) bottles. This type of truck is specially designed for this purpose. The gas bottle trolley can transport one gas bottle of, for example, 10 liters, 20 liters, 40 liters or 50 liters. The product is characterized by the open edges and a chain, this ensures that the gas bottle remains stable. Also, the product is made of the material type steel, this makes the product very sturdy and can take a beating.


Tire trolley

Tire sack trucks are sack trucks found primarily in automotive industries. Transporting car tires without using a hand truck can have a negative impact on a person's physical condition. This is why we see the tire hand truck widely used by an auto mechanic in a garage or by the roadside assistance. The tire picks are made of metal and have a load capacity of about 200 kg. With this weight, several tires can easily fit on the tire pickup truck. A tire pusher can have pneumatic tires or solid rubber tires.


Barrel trolley

A drum truck is made for transporting and storing drums. At Kruizinga, we have different types of drum trucks in our assortment. For example, one product is characterized by solid rubber tires and the other by pneumatic tires. When one chooses solid rubber tires, he or she has the advantage that they are universally applicable. Pneumatic tires are mainly used when transporting heavy loads, outdoors or on uneven ground.


Multifunctional hand truck

A hand truck that is multifunctional can be used in a variety of ways. For example, at we sell a collapsible hand truck that can also serve as a stepladder, or a collapsible hand truck that can also be used as a trolley. These handcarts are made of the material aluminum, which makes them lightweight. This allows you to easily carry the collapsible hand truck or folding hand truck.


Trolley for machines

When moving house, for example, it is necessary to transport a dishwasher, washing machine or refrigerator. These machines are very heavy and it is incredibly bad for the body to lift them. Therefore, choose to use a hand truck for this purpose. A hand truck that transports machines is also called an appliance truck. This type of hand truck has a load capacity of 250 kg to 400 kg. The hand trucks are made of the type of material that allows them to hold these heavy appliances. Besides the hand trucks that we recognize by the wheels at the bottom, Kruizinga also has another type in its range. This type of hand truck has a 2 star wheel set. This allows the hand truck to be fully tilted and roll easily on the ground.


Hand truck wheel

A hand truck wheel is a type of wheel used on hand trucks. It is designed to move heavy loads easily and is usually made of rubber or polyurethane, with a steel or aluminum rim. It is important for a hand truck wheel to be of good quality so that the cart can maneuver easily.


What environment are they found in?

Sidewalk carts are found in different types of environments. For example, you can think of a delivery driver who needs to transport heavy packages from the car to a front door. Or a pushcart used in large warehouses to transport items from one place to another. You often see them in warehouses, factories, stores and other environments where freight or goods need to be moved regularly. A trolley is ideal for transporting heavy goods because it reduces the risk of back strain.


Buying a hand truck? Kruizinga helps you!

Kruizinga has a large assortment in hand trucks. Besides that there are many different types for sale, it is also possible to buy them used. Please note that the used assortment changes daily, so it may be that used trucks are available one day and sold out the next. The difference between a new or used hand truck is that a new hand truck has not been used before and a used hand truck may have been used or have minor transport damage. This is the only difference, because there is almost no difference in quality between a new and used one. We always check this in advance. Do you need help with your purchase? Then feel free to contact our specialists. At Kruizinga you are assured of the right price/quality ratio.


What is a hand truck?

A hand truck is a convenient tool used to transport cargo or goods from one place to another. It consists of a frame with wheels and a kind of shovel on which the cargo can be placed.

Can I rent a hand truck?

At this time, it is not yet possible to rent a hand truck from Kruizinga. However, it is possible to rent other products. For more information, please take a look at our rental page.

How to use a hand truck?

You can easily use a hand truck by sliding the blade of the truck under the product. Make sure the product is stable and secure it. Then you can lift the product by pressing down the handles and you can easily transport the product using the wheels.

How much weight can a truck carry?

It is important to always check the maximum allowable weight before using a hand truck, this is indicated by the manufacturer and is usually listed in the instruction manual. The maximum allowable weight for a hand truck varies by type of hand truck and model. On average, hand trucks can lift between 200 and 500 kg.

What is a stairway truck?

A stairway truck is a special type of hand truck intended to transport goods or heavy objects up stairs. It usually has 2 or 3 wheels

Which truck should I use for a washing machine?

Do you want to move a washing machine with a hand truck? Then it is advisable to use a hand truck with a wide platform, such as a stair truck or a specially designed hand truck for large household appliances.

How do I replace the wheel of a hand truck?

Do you want to replace the wheel of your hand truck? First put your truck on a stable surface, then remove the wheel to be replaced. Mount the new wheel on the axle of the truck and attach it correctly, depending on how the original wheel was attached. Test the hand truck to ensure that the new wheel works properly and is stable.

Does Kruizinga have other products for transporting goods?

Besides hand trucks, Kruizinga also has other products you can easily transport goods with. Think for example of a pallet truck in combination with a pallet, warehouse trolleys and roll containers.