Clothing trolley

Clothing trolley

Would you like to buy clothes racks on wheels? Buy at Kruizinga!

A clothes rack on wheels offers the perfect solution for transporting, storing or presenting clothes. Indispensable in a clothing store and ideal for safely hanging a lot of clothing.


A clothing rack is characterized by the steel profile and rubber wheels. The steel profile of the clothes roll container ensures that the rack is sturdy enough to hang heavy clothes. The rubber wheels ensure that the rack is easy to move.


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Clothing trolley single edition L: 1560, W: 590, H: 1800 (mm) Length (mm): 1560, Width (mm): 590, Height (mm): 1800, Loading capacity (kg): 150, Additional specifications: rubber wheels
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Clothing trolley double edition L: 1800, W: 700, H: 1800 (mm) Length (mm): 1800, Width (mm): 700, Height (mm): 1800, Loading capacity (kg): 150, Additional specifications: rubber wheels
309,09 inc. VAT
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From 380,70 with delivery
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Custom built
Clothing trolley input gates L: 720, W: 600, H: 1800 (mm) Length (mm): 720, Width (mm): 600, Height (mm): 1800

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In what situations are clothes racks on wheels used?

Professional clothes racks on wheels come across common in the environments such as wholesale, clothing stores and retail stores, and the sturdy wheeled clothes rack can also be easily used at home. And they are also very useful during a presentation or fashion show, because you can see at a glance which clothes you have.


Which types of clothes racks does Kruizinga have?

At Kruizinga you can store a sturdy clothes rack on wheels in a single-variant and get dual-variant , they are also available in a new or used version. And there is also the option at Kruizinga to opt for a custom solution, so there is a solution for everyone appropriate roll container.  


Are there specific industries/sectors where a clothes rack on wheels is used? 

In a warehouse where many clothes must be moved, a sturdy clothing rack can be chosen, but a clothing roll container is also often used in the clothing store industry. 


What options do I have on the moment I want a custom-made clothing rack?

Do you want information about a custom-made clothing roll container? Please contact our specialists.


Buy clothing roll container?

Do you also want to buy a sturdy clothes rack on wheels, but are you not quite sure what the right solution is for you? Then contact our sales team. They can advise you on the right choice for you.