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With file trolleys you ensure that all your files are safely stored or can be transported to another room. A file cart is a frequently used product in environments such as offices, libraries, schools or warehouses.


The Fetra carts are standard equipped with a construction system of screwed steel powder-coated tubes, wooden floors/walls and streak-free fixed and swivel castors. Like every Fetra product, the carts are always manufactured under the EU standard EN 1757-3 safety standard.


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What types of file carts are there?   

Kruizinga has various file trolleys in its range, such as a file trolley with tiers, file trolleys with partitions or file trolleys with a rear wall. The file trolleys are equipped with 4 swivel wheels, 2 of which have brakes, so that you can easily move or secure the trolleys so that the trolley does not roll away by itself.


With or without back panel?

At Kruizinga we have a diverse range of filing carts such as filing carts without back panel or with back panel. A file trolley with a closed rear wall is more desirable for storing administration. This way no file is accidentally dropped when you want to add an extra file. Do you want to move files and be able to access them quickly when you transport files? Then it is better to opt for a file trolley without a rear wall, so you can access the files from both sides.


Buy file trolleys? Kruizinga will help you!

Are you planning to buy a filing trolley, but you haven't quite decided which filing trolley you want to buy? Our specialists are happy to help you with this, you can easily contact them via our contact page. By purchasing a file trolley from Kruizinga, you are assured of the best price/quality ratio with a long service life.


What is a file trolley?

File trolleys are trolleys with which, as the name says, you can transport or store files. The carts can be used in many practical applications and are widely used in environments such as offices, libraries or schools. You can easily transport or store important files with a file trolley.

What are the advantages of a file trolley?

With a file trolley you can easily transport files from A to B. The trolleys are treated with a powder coating for scratch-free and robust protection.

Does Kruizinga have other products that are useful in a warehouse?

There are several products that are very useful within a warehouse. At Kruizinga we have a diverse range. Products that can help you in a warehouse are:  cc wagon, order picking trolley, file trolley, support arm trolley etc.